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Dominated by the highest peaks of the Sierra Nevada’s snow-capped mountains, and only a short distance from the Mediterranean sea, the magical city of Granada was once the jewel in the crown of Moorish Spain. The Arabic language was the city’s lingua franca and for centuries one of the most important languages of the Iberian Peninsula. 600 years later, the Arabic language is once again flourishing and Granada has become the perfect place to benefit from learning it. If you want to know more about Granada click in this link of wikipedia

Today at least 10% of Granada’s population, from all four corners of the Muslim world, speak Arabic as their maternal tongue, whether full time residents, business people, University students or tourists, bringing a new dynamic to the city.

For over 800 years, the city of Granada, home to the greatest Islamic civilization, which gave so much to humanity, was considered to be one of the most cosmopolitan in Europe. Arabs, Christians and Jews co-existed peacefully in Granada, speaking many languages, incorporating knowledge from differing cultures and civilizations. They were renowned pioneers in the fields of astronomy, medicine, science, and the arts, and recognized for their advanced social customs, well before the rise of the Italian Renaissance.

Transportation & Tourism

Recent extensive road improvements have put Granada only 40 minutes away from the pristine beaches along the Mediterranean coast.  The mountains of the Sierra Nevada, with major peaks above 3,200m., are only ½ hour by bus or car. There are 6 skiable resort areas, providing excellent runs for winter snow skiing and offering spectacular walks for magnificent summer hikes.  It takes 2 hours to drive to Cordoba, with its magnificent mosque and beautiful Jewish quarter or further to Seville, the delightful capital and largest city of the autonomous community of modern Andalucía. Many other ancient cities (Úbeda, Baeza, Ronda, Antequera) and the latest exciting tourist destinations such as the Caminito del Rey suspended walkway or (latest UNESCO World Heritage Site), El Torcal de Antequera are now closer than ever.   

Air traffic has also increased with the recent modernization of Granada-Jaen International Airport, serving direct flights to and from several European cities, including Berlin and London City airport. Granada is located only 90 minutes from Malaga/Costa del Sol Airport, for international flights to the US and frequent low cost flights within Europe and inexpensive car hire.

A brand new high-speed rail link, nearing completion, will shortly link Granada to Madrid and Barcelona in under 3 hours. Finally, connections to Morocco and the rest of Africa, could not be easier by air and sea. In particular, regular ferries ply between the two continents regularly on two oceans.  The bustling Mediterranean port of Algeciras and the small, laid back, white-washed port of Tarifa, on the Atlantic coast. Historic Tarifa, once the spot of the first Moorish landing on Spanish soil in 711, is now better known as the mecca for Europe’s active surfing fraternity.  Both ports maintain non-stop high speed ferry links between Southern Spain to Morocco’s evocative city of Tangier, on the Straits of Gibraltar, only 14 kilometers from Spain.

Get to know Arabic culture, immerse yourself in the language

Get to know Arabic culture, immerse yourself in the language

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